Family Problems (Cheating)

We are just going to show you the truth… with facts and evidences!

  • Surrveilance, detecting and documenting the cheating. Ability to use the information in potential divorce proceedings
  • Surrveilance and collecting facts in connection with the suspicious behavior of your children or other family members (alcohol, drugs, gambling)
  • Researching people who are about to become your relatives or partners
  • Tracing of unknown relatives, recover lost contacts with siblings and friends
  • Assistance with any kind of problems related to inheritance
  • Documentation and producing information in front of the court in cases of domestic

Detective Agency NAS-Group has significant experience in the disclosure of adulteries, surveillances and tracing relatives.

Search and Survey

If you cannot find something or someone, you do not want it enough!

  • Tracing of missing, fugitive or absent person
  • Tracing stolen, missing items or products
  • Research and retrieval of relevant information related to pending or open civil and criminal cases
  • Investigation of debtors' assets in enforcement cases - finding illegal expropriation of property and belongings in order to harm the creditor

Contact NAS-Group! We know what, how and where to look for. We can find your friend, enemy, wife, child, relative or information

Corporate security and information

  • Finding the origin of any loss in the company capital(internal disloyalty)
  • Research on job candidates and business partners
  • Gathering information on the solvency, commercial reputation and reliability of companies and persons
  • Revealing and documenting cases of unfair competition, unfair agreements, infringement of trademark, industrial designs, patents and intellectual property
  • Revealing and documenting cases of company espionage and breaches in company security
  • Detailed research on the commercial market including actual data for more efficient mark