Tracing missing, wanted or hidding people, creditors, fugitives and so on.

Research on lost consanguineous links, parents, kids, adoptions. Tracking down a family tree.

Finding and gathering information of an old friend, school mate, distant relative, etc.

Important part of the detective activity is to look for and collect any type of client useful information. Often our clients find it difficult to contact specific person and prefer to address a detective agency like ours.

Your acquaintance or relative is absent for some period of time, or you just have a tricky creditor who always avoids meeting you. This prevents you from giving him a document or to claim your right.

You are aware that you are adopted and you naturally want to find out who your real parents are, how to contact them. We can provide all the information you need.

You have left a child for adoption and now you have decided, that you want to contact him, to find out his location, how it looks like, what does he/she works, or just wheather he/she is fine.

If you are just looking for and old friend of yours with whom you have lost tracks long time ago and you want to reestablish this acquaintance again.

If you experience any of the above mentioned problems or any other, don't hesitate to contacts us. The proffesional team of Detective Agency NAS-Group, as well as all our partners in the Detective Association are at your disposal 24/7. We can solve your specific problem in discreete and adequate manner.