You want a maximum protection to your corporate interests?
You want to check for information losses or leaks?
You want to know more about your employees?
You need an audio-video surveillance in your office, shop, store, headquaters, etc?
You want to be able to trace your company's autopark (GPS tracing)?
You want a hidden surveillance over company computers, cell phones, etc?
You need to organize the security of your business?

Our private investigators may offer you a variety of services, personally for you or for you business. Professional researches, investigations, collecting information, security organization, competition check and many others.

You have doubts in your employee, wheather he works secretly, in parallel for your clients or is responsible for information leaks. Is he loyal to you and can you trust him!

You need to check the criminal record of an employee, to understand about his past and present, to investigate a work candidate. This may include detailed research on his relatives, family status, real and unreal property, hobbys, contacts, interests and so on. In order to take adequate decision sometimes it is mandatory to know wheather the candidate is appropriate for your company and the specific position you offer him or he already occupies. Does he worth the risk and the expenses you are going to make on his account?

Nowadays it's a common practice to install an audio-video surveillance technics (hidden or not) in you office, storehouse, shop or other object of interest. If you want a real time information, accessible from every corner of the world throught interner we are your right choise. You will be able to see and hear everything happening in your home, company, car, etc. And additionally all this audio and video information will be recorded in secret and save location. Thus you will be able to trach down any event happened in a past period.

If you need also a control and surveillance over you company autopark , we can help. If you suspect you employees in fuel or service manipulations or you think collecting such statistics might be useful we have the best solution. The GPS tracing solves all problems of this nature.

If your employees abuse in any manner the computers you assigned them, or extract valuable and important information from them, again we can help. We provide overall IT solution, access control, remote monitoring, internal PC statistics, browsing history, file transfers, chats, emails and so on. We can also install on your company's workstations specific software allowing you to have an explicit control and information for each computer in your office. This kind of monitoring is completely undiscoverable for the employee and in addition the entire information might be sent to your email or another remote device. So you wont't need a direct access to the machine, but you will receive all the information required.

You require a personal or office quard - for you, your employee, your relative, or event you organize. We can arrange permanent or temporary security guards for either personal, corporate or event usage.

If you experience any of the above mentioned problems or any other, don't hesitate to contacts us. The proffesional team of Detective Agency NAS-Group, as well as all our partners in the Detective Association are at your disposal 24/7. We can solve your specific problem in discreete and adequate manner.